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Lisbon has just as much fascinating history has all those other European capitals, without the all commotion. We absolutely love living in Lisbon, with its vibrant culture, picturesque cityscapes of limestone buildings, an unbeatable easy going charm and the ocean washing right up to our feet. We have crafted some awesome Lisbon tours to showcase all that we love about our city, and we cannot wait to explain it all in person!

Most of our visitors make comments like these in regards to their travels in Lisbon:


“... a fantastic unexpected surprised!”


“…friendly people, massive river, tasty food , great coffee, beautiful light & views, colorful buildings & tiles, fun nightlife, impressive monuments, budget prices,...”


Now image that we can share with you the best of all these aspects and much more, in a relaxing and entertaining walk while touring Lisbon!


Try out our exciting Lisbon tours full of distinctly Portuguese tradition from a local’s perspective. We have a modern approach to their basic Lisbon tour, full of hidden places and unique stories to remember that will leave you with a whole new outlook on Lisbon.


Lisbon Sunset Fado & Tapas tour in Lisbon Lisbon Sunset Fado & Tapas
from 6 reviews
From EUR 55.00

Get ready for a night of tapas, tipples, and tunes on this Lisbon tour. Lisbon's music-making, liquor-creating, and tapas-serving skills are legendary so you're in for a treat!


Lisbon Adventure Walk tour in Lisbon Experience Lisbon Walk
from 15 reviews
From EUR 35.00

Not every city can pull off the 'quaint, little bakery hidden down a laneway' thing, but Lisbon is world-class at it. Join this Lisbon tour to walk the streets tasting pastries, cheese, coffee, seafood, and wine. Think you can handle that?


Saint Anthony Celebrations
Place: Lisbon old quarters - [ 01/06/2014 - 30/06/2014 ]

Every year in June, Lisbon's old quarters is decorated to celebrate the month of our patron saint. Live music, grilled sardines and meat, wine and sangria...are all a part of celebration. This will be a full month of shows, music and parties.

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Mr. Barry D.
United Kingdom
08 Apr 2014
We had 12 in our party and Paulo, our guide, did a great job keeping us informed with interesting information and anecdotes throughout our tour. I would happily recommend this tour.
Ms. Janice M.
17 Mar 2014
A memorable and enjoyable tour.Our guide Paulo was excellent.Nothing was too much trouble.
Mr. Martin H.
16 Feb 2014
“Experience Lisbon Walk” was great! Paulo was very knowledgeable and adjusted to the interests of all of us on the tour. He had great stories and clear explanations of the history and culture of not just Lisbon but also the neighborhoods we were in. His way of interacting with the residents and proprietors, and getting us involved, was particularly enjoyable. The pace was very good and I think we saw far more than what was supposed to be on the tour. Paulo certainly took advantage of the unexpected opportunities – without getting us in trouble.
Ms. Susan C.
United Kingdom
05 Aug 2013
Sofia was a knowledgable and enthusiastic guide who interacted with all of us in a most personable way. Would highly recommend this tour.
Mr. michelle P.
17 Feb 2013
Dommage que je ne parle pas suffisamment l'anglais, mais c'était une matinée trés intéressante
Mr. Glen B.
04 Feb 2013
This tour was simply off-the-scale. It's difficult to express quite how exceptional Paolo was. His intention from the start was to give those following the tour a true Lisboner's view of their city and he didn't seem to leave anything about its history, culture, food, drink, architecture and current affairs out of the picture. A real privilege to have his company on this superb tour and to see a professional at work! You could easily charge four times the amount for this tour (in London or New York people do, but for poorer equivalents....) Please pass on my compliments once again. Best regards Glen
Mr. Karl z.
07 Nov 2012
An excellent experience with a very lively tour guide. With great pleasure, we would do this again.
Mrs. Patricia S.
United Kingdom
04 Nov 2012
We saw parts of Lisbon we would never have found on our own. Excellent.
Mr. Jean-Paul A.
02 Oct 2012
Nous avons pris deux "Tours" avec Urban Adventures à Lisbonne. Il faudrait peut-être éviter qu'on nous montre parfois les mêmes choses, les 2 fois, ce qui a été le cas au début. Heureusement la suite était différente et nous sommes très satisfaits de cs 2 visites.
Ms. Taylor E.
24 Sep 2012
Pedro was our guide for the Experience Lisbon tour, and he could not have been more helpful, friendly, informative, or generally great. My friend and I were the only two people on the tour, which allowed us to get a much more in-depth understanding of Lisbon's history and the way that people now live in Lisbon. Pedro was more than willing to answer the (many!) questions we had. Our tour wound up taking much longer than the allotted 4 hours, and my friend and I were so appreciative of the fact that Pedro spent more time with us. We loved all of the food tastings, and because we were especially interested in learning more about Portuguese wines, Pedro gave us a very helpful and interesting explanation that he otherwise would not have devoted time to. By the end of the tour, we felt as though we had spent an enjoyable afternoon with a friend rather than a few hours with a city tour guide. Truly excellent experience!
Meet our team….

Olá bem-vindos,

The Lisbon Urban Adventure team are passionate about their hometown and thrilled to share their delight with travellers. From the tree lined streets and gothic cathedrals to amazing history and all those little hidden gems on the back alleys that few tourists get to see.

Join us for an adventure as we introduce you to the fantastic city of Lisbon.





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